“Music I Love Music” is the brand name of digital music company. China Telecom has a wealth of copyright record label resources for China Telecom, providing users with the most authentic, authoritative, fair, interactive and transparent online digital music services. Users create a new, dynamic and convenient music interactive entertainment space, providing customers with a full range of services, fashion, seamless music experience. Love Music Digital Music Entertainment Services combines a variety of music product features such as ring tones, music boxes, web listening, music downloads, music information, online search, membership services and more. You can master the pulse of pop music anytime, anywhere. “Love music”, quickly search for your favorite music, enjoy song listening, custom ring tones and other forms of music services.Love music now: The services provided to users include music search, download music, music box, ring ordering, gift, and online audition songs and entertainment information, such as future love music will also provide users with more high-quality interactive experience music. The service, at the same time, will provide members with a variety of writing sessions such as star clubs, fans, concerts and original theme events.
Ringtone sequence: Customize your favorite ringtones for your China Telecom Tianyi phone or landline or PHS users and set them to play by default. When someone else calls your phone, you can hear the song and let the phone ring what you want.
Ringtone Gifts: Buy each other’s favorite ringtone songs, and the other party can pay without it.

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