A8 Music Group is a comprehensive digital music company that acquires its music content through the A8 music original interactive platform A8 music website and international and domestic record companies, mainly through wireless network sales. A8 is making waves in the Chinese music industry by providing music content and services to more and more mobile phone users in China.And the visionary experienced executive team, under the leadership of A8 music, collects their own music content through their UGC (user-generated content) interactive platform A8 music website, and also gets music from international record companies and Chinese local record companies. The content has been a great success in improving the company’s image and company’s revenue. A8 Music Holdings Ltd. sells music content over the Internet and mobile operators’ wireless networks. Sales forms include: ringtones, ring tones service (RBTS), interactive voice response (IVR), and more.
A8 Music Network is one of the original digital music services. As the main content of online media, our customers are original musicians, record companies, SP, copyright agents. The main business is to collect original songs, select and promote, and create from original music. To the profitable product line to promote the development and prosperity of Chinese original music.


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