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The Kinboa Music Player is a Flash Kids music player developed specifically for babies by kinboa baby nets, including stories, knowledge, games and other content that can be played continuously via online automatic downloads. The software interface is relatively simple, easy to operate, and fast to download. The specially designed children’s song search function, as long as you remember the words in the song title, you can easily find the song through the search function. At the same time, it also supports multiple tasks, each task uses multiple address download, multi-thread, breakpoint continuous, thread continuous scheduling optimization. Open faster than web pages. Operation: Mouse, click the mouse to find the song you want!The main highlights of professional players:
1. Rich resources: Integrate thousands of children’s songs, nursery rhymes, stories, knowledge, comics, TV series, etc.

2, children’s songs continuously play: the program supports continuous playback, no manual operation

3. Baby file: provide baby log, album, recording and other intimate functions

4, listening to songs offline: hear children’s songs, no need to re-download. Open faster than web pages

5. HD nursery rhymes: added nearly 3,000 high-definition nursery rhymes, stories and knowledge content

6, simple operation: simple interface, user-friendly design, especially suitable for baby learning

7, easy to search: as long as you remember the name of a word, you can easily find this song

8. Bonus points: User’s bonus points can be redeemed for valuable prizes

Online discussion: pro-boa music player provides online discussion for users

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