Cool my lyrics are a small but sophisticated software. It provides basic functionality like software and is more tightly integrated with the music player. Support for Windows Media Player 9, 10, RealOne, Real10 and Winamp 2 and 5.Cool my lyrics can help you enjoy real and lively music: when you listen to music, the player simultaneously displays the lyrics; the songs with the singer’s picture as the background, let your player have music intelligence; related to MV, singer portrait Exclusive songs. To enjoy this song, it is up to you to practice singing!
Cool my lyrics are compact in size. Cool my lyrics The unique music fingerprint recognition technology will greatly improve your lyrics download success rate, because the trouble of song information and the lack of lyrics will no longer exist. In addition, cool my lyrics support gorgeous screen background function, you can automatically get the singer’s picture as the background, and provide song-related MV functions, watching song MV will become very convenient.


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