Top100 Music is China’s largest legal music website, launched in March 2006. Top100 works with global record companies to launch free trial and download services for millions of legitimate music songs. In August 2008, Google joined top100 music and jointly launched “Google Music”, which changed the original service model and launched a free genuine music download service.In early August 2008, prior to the joint release with Google China, the company provided users with free listening and paid downloads of legitimate music services, each time downloading 1 yuan.
After the cooperation in August 2008, free download music.

In March 2006, the website of Beijing Baituo Music Network Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched in Beijing.

Top13 music was created by Chen Ge in 2005, of which $3 million came from sports star Yao Ming and his agent Zhang Mingji.
Top100 has partnered with many record companies around the world to launch millions of legitimate music downloads. lists more than 50 record companies, which are well known both at home and abroad.
It is worth noting that this is the first time that so many record companies have signed a cooperation agreement with the online platform of music.
The Top100 Music website makes every effort to establish a legitimate website that provides Chinese consumers with all aspects of legitimate music services.
In early August 2008, Google China and top100 Music jointly announced the official launch of Google China Integrated Search Music Search. On March 30, 2009, the two sides officially launched legal music search for mainland users. This is Google’s first attempt at a world music search service.
On July 20, 2011, top100 purchased a large amount of music for $10 million. Upon completion of the acquisition, the two companies will seek to list in the US under the Pandora China concept. Basketball star Yao Ming is the original investor. In addition, Yao Ming said at the retired press conference that he once again invested in the top 100 music.
Listening to Music Network is a long-established online music website, including online broadcasting and original platform. According to people familiar with the matter, the total price of the acquisition is 10 million US dollars, including 5 million US dollars in cash and 5 million US dollars in stock. After the acquisition, top100 will become China’s largest legal online music company.


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