Sing KTV is the first KTV store in Fuzhou East Street, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It was established in 1998 by KTV Group. Since then, it has set up 23 branches in Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan, Guangdong, Shenyang and Guizhou. Shanghai and other places have formed a booming entertainment chain. At present, Huanchang is headquartered in Xiamen, with nearly 3,000 employees, registered capital of 40 million yuan, fixed assets of more than 400 million yuan, annual tax payment of more than 30 million yuan, is one of the country’s largest health entertainment chain brand. in China.Singing entertainment chain enterprise adheres to the business tenet of “health, comfort and happiness”, and is committed to building a mutually beneficial and win-win life for customers, enterprises and employees, and “promoting the legalization of national leisure” and entertainment with the business attitude of “integrity and pragmatism”. “Business goals are moving forward. As a stylish and healthy entertainment venue, KTV always maintains high quality. In terms of music library, it highlights the three elements of “new”, “fast” and “all”, and top fashion and pop songs in Taiwan. Synchronize and provide the latest information on Hong Kong pop songs, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Europe. The device includes high-end IT technology, including VOD song ordering system, and USES streaming technology to make VOD more efficient and smooth. The ordering interface highlights a more dynamic entertainment atmosphere. The new automatic lighting control system, DIY free combination, free combination, the most suitable effect, more humane, create a comfortable karaoke environment; full LCD TV, BBE dynamic sound field high end , microphone module free switching, fidelity song recording system, latest ringtone vod, v Od wishes to send freely to create the most fashionable K-song entertainment. Happy KTV service quality is strictly required, normative, and all branches implement unified standards to ensure implementation.
In recent years, with the joint efforts of all the singers, the company has not only achieved rapid development, but also won praise and wide praise from the local government and ordinary citizens. The city around the city has been carrying out charitable work for many years, subsidizing poor students, donating money and materials to the disaster area, and was awarded the title of “Golden Autumn Education”. The private enterprises were supported by the municipal and district cultural bureaus; they were honored as “Top Ten Industry Service Brands” by Xiamen Civilization Office, “Civilized Industry Demonstration Unit” and “Deputy President Unit of Xiamen Entertainment Industry Association”. Won the “Top Ten Store Name” in Xiamen. The Kexing District Government of Xiamen City has named Huansheng as a “large taxpayer” for many years; the 4th “World Choir Competition” has designated a special singing and singing camp for all countries; the singing membership card has been selected as the “Top Ten Discount Card” in Xiamen. Wait for the title. Singing has become a healthy culture advocated by ordinary people in the entertainment industry in Xiamen and even in Fujian Province. It is a leader in building a harmonious spiritual and civilized society and is promoted nationwide!
Today’s achievements are the result of the support of the local government and customers as well as our adherence to the business philosophy of health, affordability and comfort. Driven by the mutually beneficial mechanisms of customers, businesses and employees, today’s achievements will be brighter and brighter.


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