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The Library Digital Music Library was officially completed and released in September 2006. It is the only digital music library dedicated to the development of non-popular music in China. Actively build a user consumption platform centered on Internet music services, provide a comprehensive and rich digital music library for all music learners and enthusiasts, and promote the popularization of Chinese elegant music and promote the development of music quality education. in China.The Cook Digital Music Library is licensed by internationally renownedrecord companies such as Naxos, Marco Polo, Countdown and AVC, and integrates the resources of domestic record companies such as Chinese record companies. At present, the library has collected 98% of the world’s classical music, as well as unique ethnic style music from China, the United States, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, Iran and other countries, including jazz, film music, New Century music and other music. Type; music works are collected by more than 9,000 artists and more than 100 instruments from the Middle Ages to the modern, with a total of about 500,000 tracks.

In addition to a large number of records, the library also has a wealth of written materials, with a detailed description of the record, providing an outline of the opera story and a life introduction of the composer and performer to meet different musical instruments, music learners and appreciation of different levels of demand. It is popular with many individual users as well as universities at home and abroad.

With a team that is united, efficient and well-defined, Kuko not only provides the best digital music library services in China for all music lovers, but also uses advanced communication technologies and digital multimedia technologies to spread, promote and spread non-pop music.


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