When you stop and think about whether you love someone, it means you no longer love them. – the wind, the shadow of the windIn “The Song of the Forest” (Song of the Forest), a song by Bill Douglas, the most popular dialogue between the cello and the violin is enchanted by a trace of sadness in the enchanting serenity, like a soft wind passing through the heart. , disturbed by the mind. The morning light sinks into the whirlpool.

Bill Douglas’s insistence on classical aesthetic style is a reflection of his spiritual world. His music returns to religious sentiments. It seems that he can’t put down the shackles of the world when he prays. He is not a pure believer. The religious ideal exists in the depths of the illusory dream. He cares more about the love and hate of human beings, but always looks up to the sky and prays for the care of God. Therefore, his music has both reality and nihilism. The model has an independent artistic temperament. The music of Bill Douglas is like a light that is projected into the woods in the morning. Some people think this is the light of God, while others think it is the morning sun.

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