In a mistaken year, Grammy got some right things


Each year, the Grammy nominations can be described in the same basic terms: predictable, awkward, forgotten, and more. There will be the most popular of the usual colleges and the lack of major categories of diversity. Often, they reward sales talent, not quality. As the most important governing body of music, the Recording Academy does little to protect the institution each year.
This morning, the Academy Awards nomination for the best annual Grammy – albeit modestly – still improved. Jay Z, Naive Gambino and Kendrick Lamar appeared in the annual record and annual album categories. Compared with the previous year, including inexplicable nominations of twenty-one pilots and Lucas Graham. The three masters of art appeared many times in various categories, showing a rare hug of different genres and qualities. Although they appeared together with Bruno Mars and the ubiquitous “Despacito” in Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber Predictable popular choice, but in fact it seems likely that Lamar can eventually get back his deserved multi-year award.

Despite the (major) high quality major categories that College did best, still find a way to screw up. Although Julia Michaels and Alessia Cara appeared in the “Record of the Year” category and Lorde was nominated for the annual album, these top categories are astounding for female artists, especially given that Beyoncé and Adele dominates section 59 The Grammy Awards. The “Rock & Roll” category is entirely dominated by men, and the “Best New Class” category may be the most representative of all nominations by Alessia Cara, Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Julia Michaels and SZA. SZA is also nominated for the Best City Contemporary category; her brilliant debut album CTRL will be one of the most picky choices in this category.

Surprisingly, Kesha and Harry Styles are missing from these major categories, all of which are obvious choices. Kesha’s stunning comeback album is a narrative all summer long, and Styles debut solo album is one of the best pop albums of the year. Fortunately, these major categories are two Grammy favorites: Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Despite being nominated for 11 Grammy Awards and receiving two nominations, Ed Sheeran appears only in the category of “Top Of The Pop” for “Shape Of You.” Even though it looks generous, because of his ridiculous new album (but this never stopped before college). Although he won four of the six Grammys, he was nominated and Sam Smith did not get a nod this year,

If you notice the apparent lack of Taylor Swift on this year’s nomination list, then there really is a reason. Her new album “Reputation” sold more than 1.2 million copies in the first week and did not reach the deadline for this year’s prize. (Although the “see what you’ve done” time has passed, it does not win nod.) However, because she was Taylor Swift, she was also due to her “Better Man “Won the two nominations for song creation in Better Man and” I do not want to live forever “in the 50-degree soundtrack. Jack Antonoff is the biggest and most astonishing one. Despite his collaboration with Lord, Swift, Pink and St. Vincent, pop music’s minds this year have not garnered the approval of the best producers.

When the 60th Grammy Awards are held in New York on January 28, it should be a showdown between naive Gambino, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar. But do not put it in the academy, as always, rewards popularity and hand it over to Despacito and Bruno Mars.


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