Jiu Tian Music Network


Founded in 1999, Jiu Tian Music Network is the largest and most authoritative legal music website. The largest and most complete domestic track number includes music database, original digital music and original, over 750,000 tracks covering music, including music and music related products, loading, watching, singing, writing, etc. – all-round The service has been rated as the first stop of domestic popular music by well-known websites at home and abroad for many years.

Jiu Tian Music is a music portal designed to promote the Chinese entertainment industry, dedicated to producing and promoting original music in mainland China, and distributing outstanding music products overseas. Since 1999, it has established partnerships with world famous labels such as Universal, EMI, Sony BMG (Sony & BMG), Warner, Rolling Stone, etc. The four major record companies include hundreds of international and domestic copyright protections. Authorized by the music record company, it is the most widely covered song in the country, authorizing the most complete music website. At the same time, the company also provides professional music services such as music production, artist packaging, performance planning, studio rental.
While the website is developing well, it also cultivates unity and efficiency, clear division of labor, and strong teamwork ability. It has accumulated rich business experience in management, planning, development, editing, marketing, and customer service. We have reason to believe that the nine-day music network will surely usher in a better tomorrow as the Internet continues to grow and the opportunities for online digital music development become more mature.


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