On June 20th, Migu Music held a “Contact” theme conference at the Beijing Marriott Hotel to elaborate and introduce new brand concepts, product strategies and business systems. Jolin Tsai, who just released a new single, is also there and was invited to be the chief experience officer of Mi Gu music. Those familiar with the Chinese Internet music industry are familiar with the rice valley. As early as in flight, the content of music piracy resources can only be responsible for the portal drainage users in 2006. The predecessor of Migu Music is the establishment of China Mobile Wireless Music Base, which is equipped with wireless music services such as ring tones to download ring tones, and establishes a huge digital music service system. Once its revenue accounts for more than 70% of the total digital music market in China. In 2013, China Mobile’s one-stop music service officially changed its name to Migu Music and began brand operation. In 2015, Migu Music Co., Ltd. was established in Chengdu, and Migu Music has also become a professional subsidiary of China Mobile’s content system, focusing on digital music operations. It can be said that Mi Gu music witnessed the whole process of the decline, chaos and revival of the Chinese music industry, and is a multi-generational senior actor whose form of the Chinese music industry has evolved. However, in 2017, when the digital music industry entered the oligarchic stage, Migu Music reorganized its strategy and differentiated positioning.


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