Oh, and “Lion” I don’t mean a lion chorus, but a lion, the movie I just saw. The theme of finding movie relatives for families and children is quite deadly. Although the film was held at the end of my struggle, the truth reveals the wife. How to share some details and ideas without revealing the plot

The “Lion”, which was nominated for six Oscars, is a fairly pure film. In general, there are a series of social problems behind the search events of missing children. When creating this theme, some social reality is inevitably revealed and criticized. But the “lion” is the opposite, diluting the poverty, religious beliefs and cultural conflicts involved in the film without deepening, raising or raising any major issues. The whole movie is a simple and complete story.But the simplicity of the story brings a huge emotional space to the film. There is a lot of space in the movie to make the protagonist lost when he is lost, fear, decide to find contradictions and pains of his loved ones, and start to look for the attachment and pain of his loved ones. The whole movie is arranged in chronological order, but it uses a lot of backward sequences, flashbacks and even time-space dislocation scenes to show the inner activities of the characters.


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