Recommended speaker: qu yue treVolo


Speakers are often mistakenly classified as metaphysical, but speaker manufacturing is certainly not metaphysical, it condenses the delicate human manufacturing process. For example, electrostatic film loudspeakers are made of extremely difficult electrostatic technology and their high cost can only be borne by the top Hifi loudspeaker brand.

For example, the Black Emperor in the electrostatic film, the expensive American Martin Lugan electrostatic speaker:
However, the cute song treVolo recommended today has a long title: the world’s first electrostatic film bluetooth speaker

Let’s start with static electricity. The electrostatic film speaker has excellent original sound performance. The theoretical distortion of the Qu Yue TreVolo electrostatic speaker is only about 0.02%. Compared with the traditional cone speaker, the distortion rate is up to 3-5%, which can form a roller. Regardless of the type of cabinet design used in conventional cone horns, the cabinet itself is inevitably adversely affected by vibration or poor design. However, electrostatic speakers rely on the diaphragm to produce sound. Since the diaphragm is controlled by electrostatic adsorption and repulsion during motion, the amount of motion generated does not remain in the diaphragm and its inertial motion is very low. Electrostatic technology is designed as a whole range and also eliminates the interference of the voltage divider.


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