“One Hour Focus” is a website that enhances work and learning efficiency through background music. It offers three different alpha waves, natural music and white noise music, allowing you to enter your own focus space.

Three sound effects:

1. Alpha Wave:

The beat is 60-70, and the frequency is music in the range of 8-14hz. It guides the brain into the alpha brain wave state, stimulates the brain to secrete phenolphthalein, and maintains the subconscious activity of the right brain. Improve memory and creativity;

2. Natural music:

Background music mimics the sounds of nature: waves, forests, birds; let the whole body return to nature, relax and slow down the pressure of learning and work. Improve attention and imagination;

3. White noise:

Leave your comfort zone. The sweetest voice in the world is silence. Helps get into a productive state quickly.

The music provided on the one-hour focus site is Alpha music that I have collected from regular sources for a long time, allowing me to focus on long-term learning. Studying in Germany is quite difficult, and the pressure on the final exam is very high. When I review, the efficiency of the review is always Max 🙂 because of them.

In addition to a focused environment, the one-hour focus gives you a time footprint. Track your work and rest time. You can adjust the time rhythm of the concentration according to the tomato timing method and form a time footprint to sort out your daily efficiency. Let the rest of your time be better than the original.


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