JanGo: Free personalized online music radio


JanGo: Music is a free, personalized online music station in the United States. It was founded in 2006 and includes song reviews, sharing, broadcast editing, and allows users to create and share their own personal music stations.

There is only one way to set up a radio station in Jango, which is to take the name of a musician and automatically create a radio station for similar musicians. According to this inference, it can be realized by setting a multi-dimensional similarity song table in combination with the user’s music playing behavior in the background.

The Jango music service has some interesting highlights:

1. Evaluation: There are three evaluation options for the played songs, which means that the song is no longer played, the song is played again and the song is played multiple times;

2, sharing: you can directly listen to the current song to share with friends;

3. Music Discovery Control: Control the focus of music recommendations, focus on popularity or focus on scope; (although that is still small);

4, radio editing: You can always add the frequency band in the multi-dimensional similar song list to the existing music station, that is, manually expand the content of the music station.

Users can add specific singers to their own music stations, then automatically play them according to similar music types during playback, and can set the level of songs they like. When you hear good music, you can add the singer you are playing to your station at any time. You can also view other users, they also like singers, add friends, send messages, listen to each other’s radio stations and more.


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