What to give your life to the classic music lovers this holiday season


Holiday gifts can be simple, especially if you have a music lover on your list. Yes, we are here to help you understand the difference between file gems and cash robbery. Just bookmark this page (and even better, just click on the link below) to get the 2017 Best LP and Deluxe Pack, as well as a selection of books, headphones and a list of personal audio systems just for your holidays Carnival shopping time
When David Bowie left this cult-full and decadent life, he lived in Los Angeles in 1976 and went to Europe, eventually living in Berlin, but more for self-protection than for inspiration. But the one-way stopover in France, Germany, Switzerland and New York will be one of the most fertile and pioneering in this already astounding career. Setting a new career in gorgeous boxes: (1977-1982) No dreary moment has been discovered, and it marks that Bowie has surpassed the year-end list for the third year in a row. These two albums were produced by him for Igbo Pop – an idiot and desire life that was recently discovered and reissued, adding only that Bowie is not the evidence of the greatest artist of the time.

In 1972, Pink Floyd unveiled the professionally named “dark side of the moon” at the empty ruins of the former stadium in Pompeii, Italy.No audience, but the show’s movies are treasured by the fans. Last summer, David Gilmour gave these fans a lifetime of gifts, returned to the scene of the crime, performed in front of a small audience, and recorded them in stunning luxury boxes. , In a movie directed by Gavin Elder’s concert, glorified in true high definition and surround sound. Elder said: “When we scrolled the camera, I watched the band countless times.” But that night was another story. My only worry is that we capture it in a way that shows justice. “The old man and his team did it, and Gilmour’s band was even better than his recent American tour, tearing up solos and Freud stuff and brute-force, which was a sure choice. Pick up the recent Pink Floyd Black Album and “Pink Floyd All Songs: The Story Behind Every Track” as a perfect companion.

Due to the recent fashion gentleman, Bob Dylan’s Gospel Year, Christianity in the legendary era of rebirth, have caused a huge controversy, significant fertility. The new box, trouble no more: The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 (1979-1981). Traditionally, Dylan’s muse has left him in favor of enlightenment. Instead, the song is filled with the greatest live performance of Dylan’s career and is backed by his best live band. Coupled with the rehearsal of both wanted and unreleased tracks that nearly surpassed what his contemporaries were offering at the time, coupled with a concert film tied to the modern sermons of actor Michael Shannon to help unlock this mysterious period, You do not even hear Dylanologist on the list.
There are some great Dylan books, but the best is also a quality holiday gift: a book version of Dylan’s Nobel lecture (also available in a trading edition) signed. If you want to learn about the origins of Dylan’s unique style and technique, take a look at Woody Guthrie: Tribute to Concert, a gorgeous live performance by Dylan and his contemporaries in 1968 and 1970 who The song feels more timely than before.


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