Musicovery: Online music filter is a simple online music broadcast service. It provides a simple radio music control panel and a very gorgeous playlist, with each playlist displaying many related songs based on the frequency and category of the radio you choose. On the website, you can click on the color block of the play screen to find new music based on your current mood and feelings. Musicovery outputs personalized WEB music stations to meet user needs by combining them with visual music charts. The site has only one control panel that looks like an iPod, and the music results are displayed in Flash.Let’s start with the form of this music map. We have seen two similar sites before: MusicMap and Liveplasma. Musicmap has a music album that displays related albums centered on the target album you are searching for and provides search queries for album information. The service relies heavily on Amazon data. Liveplasma is a visual music film search engine that uses people as the main clue, including the correlation between bands, directors and actors (relevance seems to include their social relationships and their art categories). It can be understood as an artist’s SNS map. Musicovery’s chart format combines Liveplasma’s personal relationships, but it turns the main clues of artist and album formats into a single.
How does it become single? This is also the core mode of its personality music station. As can be seen from its group, the type of music, age, beat and mood expressed by music is the framework of the subject. Finding a feature is not difficult. Among these music indicators, only the age is a certain value, and the music type, beat and mood cannot have a unique value for determining the song.


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