ILike: Social Music


ILike: Social music is a music discovery service that helps people share music suggestions, playlists and personalized concert tips. Display new music on iLike’s media player, create autoplay and let people share music.ILike has a large number of music fans and their favorite artists who can help people find the music they like. ILike shares the musical tastes of everyone through the large SNS community and dating sites mentioned above.
ILike was one of the first startups to integrate music (a free streaming service) with social networks and attracted 55 million registered users after being acquired by MySpace in 2009. But its revenue has not yet recovered and is now closed in the footsteps of Napster, Lala and Imeem. It also shows how hard it is to make money on music.
ILike was established as an independent service in 2006 and is primarily used to integrate Web services with iTunes. In early 2007, the company launched one of Facebook’s first music services, quickly attracting millions of users. The service is very successful because it not only provides music, free streaming services, but also tracks the user’s listening habits and recommends songs for them.


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