What is the difference between the three major American music awards?


Founded in 1957 by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Technology (www.grammy.org), grammyawards is awarded annually by a group of industry veterans to ensure the academic and fairness of the awards. The academically-oriented assessment system and the complex and rigorous voting process make the selection process less popular with the nominees, so the top winners are often defeated by the lesser-known but well-made dark horse newcomers.Billboard.com (www.billboard.com) is the oldest and has been a yellow page since 1894, but its broadcast list has become increasingly popular, and in 1958 it turned into a professional music media, producing “hot 100” “The list has since become a barometer of music in the United States and the world. Billboard rankings are updated weekly, updated based on broadcast data from major US radio stations, and the current month and year are compiled. Billboards reflect music trends faster than Grammy Awards.The AMA American Music Awards (www.theamas.com) was founded in 1973. Unlike the first two awards, each category of the AMA award directly reflects the popularity of the star and is the most practical award. Like other countries, adolescents show the greatest interest in participating in this audition vote, and teen idols are particularly favored by AMA awards.

The greatest Grammy winner was the conductor George Solti, who won 38 Grammy Awards before his death in 1997, although Michael Jackson and Santana won eight in 1984 and 1999 respectively. Grammy Award.
Yesterday, Katy Perry broke Billboard’s record because there were five Hot 100s. There is a single in an album, the last one is Michael Jackson’s album.


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