Who is Sheila? This is the first question I think of when I wake up to see the news in the morning. Then immediately get up and search, search for information, and listen to music. If you don’t do homework, you don’t know what to do on the weekend. Shila Amzah (English name Shila Amzah, Malay name Nur Shahila binti Amir Amzah) is a Malaysian singer, a 1990 lion girl, and the 2012 Asian final champion. I listened to a few songs online, including live and studio versions. I think the pronunciation and tone are similar to Coco Lee and R&B; the improvisation ability is super strong, and the music style will become a strong European and American style, which is a powerful challenger for the current singer. On the one hand, in several live recordings, it is easy to hear that her control tone has some flaws, some intense parts of the tone will appear and then come back. In addition, as the first Malay Muslim singer, I am a singer (former singers cao ge and victor are Malaysian Chinese), how is the audience accepted? For me, at least, it takes some time for an Asian lady wearing a headscarf to sing American RnB to adapt to this misplacement.


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