a good song by Mr. Miss


Today, while driving, I accidentally heard Mr. Miss duque and Andy perform live on Hit FM. I heard that duquet talks about his music and recommends his favorite songs.
I have a high school classmate Allen at Peking University, a professional finger and guitar, amateur chemistry. In 2006, the Peking University Guitar Association held a lecture on American pop music. After being invited by Allen, I went to support it and then got to know the keynote speaker duque.In 2012, I went to see Shao Zehui’s drama “Go before going old.” (As early as 2001, when he was the Shao Yong of the Peking Opera Troupe, I only knew Shao. Of course, this is a different story.) In the background, I saw Allen and Dukai. Allen is an accompaniment in the play, and Du Qi has played the role of a young lady, played a role and sang a few songs. In addition, the producer of the play, Cui Wenqin, also comes from the Peking University Guitar Association.
At the moment, I feel radiant: At the time, Liu Lian’s voice was lazy, soft, mature female rock, just like I love you more standard Mandarin, and Dukai music, not his favorite Funk RnB, choose jazz With more medium and high folding chords, the scent is very strong but does not go beyond the scope of popular songs. Plus male and female duet + guitar / harmonica / Kazu flute, art is fresh, very good.


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