Funk Music(Funk Music)


A few days ago, Zhang Yu mentioned Funk in S02E10. I am a singer. This is an opportunity to talk about it. I made this rather sultry topic just to make it easier for readers to move forward. The following articles and music will be more interesting

Founded in the black community of the United States in the late 1960s, Funk combines jazz, R&B;, soul and other style elements with a strong sense of rhythm and is suitable for dancing. The biggest feature of Funk music is to weaken the melody and harmony, and to build musical power with a strong sense of rhythm through electric guitar, electric bass and percussion.
Legendary star James Brown is recognized as the father of Funk. His early music was typical of R&B; and the soul, then he began a creative breakthrough. The 1967 single I Got You (I Feel Good) gave up the harmony connection in the phrase, and the vocal melody became the statement and rhythm accordingly. The guitar uses a single simplified superimposed chord with a complex cut-and-sound scan rhythm. The richest part of the melody becomes bass, the entire bass line is extremely complex, and the percussion part forms a complex musical rhythm. This basically establishes the structure and characteristics of Funk music.
The same is typical of his “getting up” (I feel like A) sex machine, it is strong, hot and complicated… plus James Brown’s passionate and crazy performance, it was really Cool and very trendy.
After Funk appeared, it quickly became popular in the music field and mixed with other music styles, infiltrating and interacting.
As a young man, Stevie Wonder wrote Superstition, Funk and R&B. The style melody and his dazzling organic fusion brand have easily won the Billboard Championship.


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