On November 15th, contemporary singer Guo Ding took the lead in releasing a video on the social media platform titled “@rachaelyamagata_official, I have something to tell you”, showing cooperation with American songwriter Rachael Yamagata, and new music that fans are looking forward to. Today, Guo revealed his mysterious veil of his new single “It’s Always The Little Things” on social media.In November 2016, the “Aircraft’s execution cycle” was released. In October 2017, Guo Ding started a “landing date” tour of 15 cities and invited 14 music festivals across the country. Guo Ding continues to self-precipitate and music training, and has won the favor of many domestic and foreign musicians. American independent musician Rachel Yamagata has admitted that she “likes Guo’s rich and beautiful voice.” The two magnetic sounds are attracted to each other, and the new work “Eternal Little Things” was released after a few months of brewing, inheriting their insistence on the “pureness” of creation and expressing their deep and sincere emotions. Simple configuration.As for the song content and cover design of “It is always a small thing”, Guo did not give much description: “I believe that everyone has their own different senses and views on music works and covers.”


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