Eason and the duet band’s new album L.O.V.E. has pre-sold QQ music, cool dog music, cool music, Netease cloud music, xiamimusic and Migu music, officially launched Eason L.O.V.E. in F.R.A.M.E.S.“The Tequila” was written by DUO percussionist Chris Polanco and written by Chen Yongqian, one of DUO’s co-composers. “Tequila” was produced by the conductor and bassist Wang Shuangjun and co-authored by the DUO band. The pop music style of the 1990s is particularly mixed with the Latin music elements that Eason rarely plays. In this arrangement, a number of strings have been added for sublimation, which further summarizes the unique feelings of drunkenness. The characteristics of “tequila”, from plants to cooking, through distillation and fermentation, are all told through heavy and complicated steps. Every relationship must be brewed for a long time, but unfortunately hidden behind the spirit. Copying is like love is playing with fire, and it will eventually lead to a kind of deterioration, which makes her regret the unknown love.


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