The cross song “If Only / If Only” of Andrea Bocelli and Chinese music actress aMEI chang hui mei has been released. Fans praised Bocelli’s ability to choose “female voice” as an impressive addition to her stunning album, while one user commented: “There is no Asian pop queen or queen can describe a-mei. She is a An artist and a queen. With so much music she has tried in style for many years, she can play everything. As one of the most popular female singers in Chinese music, she once again surprised everyone.
Bocelli’s production team heard the sound of MEME on the Internet and didn’t know her background as the heroine of Chinese music. Bocelli decided to invite aMEI to participate in Celebrity Fight Night, one of the largest international charity events held in Italy on September 6. The exhibition is a powerful combination of East and West. The cooperation between aMEI chang hui-mei and Andrea bocelli fully conveys the highest true, beautiful and beautiful love songs.More importantly, “If Only / If Only” comes from “Time to Say Goodbye”, a powerful partner of the dream team, the lyrics of Lucio Quarantotto and the music of Francesco Sartori. However, Courteau died in 2012, and “If Only / wish” is the last song of the gold duo, which is of great significance to the “Times”.


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