Yi Xun airborne to Beijing to share the eason and duo band “L.O.V.E.” music tour


Eason Eason ended his two-year, “DUO” world tour of 66 performances in 2012, during which Eason established a deep relationship with members of the DUO band and plans to collaborate with “L.O.V.E.” to produce music albums. Music is to commemorate this relationship. “LOVE” released music six years later, eason and DUO’s new album “LOVE album works, which lasted for 6 years, was recorded in studios in the UK, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. After countless recordings and arrangements, they finally showed these differences. But the wonderful “Chen” song.

Eason recently released his “LOVE” album, which released three songs, including “Always with you” and his team’s “preface”, “a little bit”, a touching love story, and “There may be another person,” this is the last song written by Eason. Album. Each song is “love” from the eason and duo bands. This album is the first music enthusiast to release three works around the raids of rave reviews. Eason has succeeded in the music industry with his Eason hits, and his emotional performance on L.O.V.E has impressed the hearts of music fans. In order to let more opinion leaders and colleagues in the media feel that they belong to the heavy “love” of eason and duo, share the new album of Taipei after the meeting, eason eason chan also immediately flew to Beijing, for the first time for the new album. At the hearing, the media and industry opinion leaders invited by the city rarely listened to the album. At the same time, a new song audition from L.O.V.E. Due to the typhoon mangosteen, Guangzhou’s album was postponed. Further announcements will be released soon.
At LOVE’s first hearing conference, the album was in Beijing. Eason Eason shared a lot of new music songs, such as “Always with you”, “Step by step”, “Maybe again”, “Tequila” and ” Crazy friends” and so on. It is worth mentioning that on the day of the event, the universal music record company specializing in eason and duo bands created a “LOVE” logo installation art, layered winding yarn shape, referring to the combination of eason and double between the bands. A deep friendship between love and lighting, I hope that in the spirit of this album “LOVE” Lambe, pass to everyone to hear the music works!After playing each song that day, Eason shared the details behind the song. Six years ago, DUO took part in the “DUO” tour during the DUO band drinking and whiskey, resulting in the single “Always with you.” “Tequila” is a new song created for Eason, which was full of pop music style in the 1990s. In order to outline his unique feelings after being drunk in the recording, Eason had to drink a lot of “tequila” before entering the shack, which was the first time he challenged the Latin music style in a drunken state. When talking to the album, there is only one of the two national songs, “Crazy Friends”. eason chan keeps talking about the band members. “Crazy Moment” uses songs to project the rhythm of music into people’s hearts, so that the audience can’t help but in the In the tour, follow the fascinating side of the eason and duo bands that easily defeated the imagination. The new song “Can Be Reusable” was a song written by Eason himself. The album was last recorded in the finished product. From the Demo lying on the grass, Eason, you have told countless words about whether the DUO team is touring. Combine all the scattered songs together, but there is a reusable song, like a yellow photo album, open at the same time, and then look back at the intravenous drip.


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