C.T.O. Men’s Band held a press conference in Beijing


On August 6th, the Chinese music “Dry-CTO” held the same album “CTO Asia Film Press Conference” in Beijing, as “Asian nataraja” showed more than two years of concentrating care, this winter music is more popular for many years. To create the “-” top-level, the same day’s press conference, CTO opened the same name in the album’s first hit, showing their outstanding singing and jumping ability to the current industry elites, media and fans, is firing, and began to push the atmosphere to a climax So far, Qi Li recommended and the record company’s huge funds to raise resources in the harvest day Wang Tianri, and the fans chased after the hands of crazy, they injected a strong warm blood into the Chinese music field, becoming an increasingly wealthy idol group market Superstar in the Ming Dynasty!


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