O.v. eason re-signed music contract


The “UniversaL.Ovason” press conference was held in Hong Kong on August 3, announcing the extension of the Eason (Eason) contract to UniversaL. On that day, more than 100 media from around the world were invited to participate in the event to join hands in innovating the trend music country.Eason posted a video at a press conference that combines Eason’s classics with films that have made great achievements in different fields. Music videos include sunsets, best friends, fallen water, land without men and land without people. Eason has made great achievements in the music distribution of Universal Music, and its influence spans the globe, including: 89 different forms of physical albums, total sales of more than 20 million physical and digital albums, and more than 21 billion digital playback time platforms. More than 300 large solo concerts and more than 80 cities around the world; he won more than 170 “singer” awards, and won the 29th Taiwan Golden Melody Award and the June Annual Album Award three times. In the end, he won more than 200 “songs” and “album” awards.

The press conference was a noble and grand prelude to the press conference, with 10 dancers wearing court dances of foreign aristocrats. The dancers also distributed a special metal lap lock for each guest to commemorate the occasion. The LED is made up of a group of dancers, and Eason has a large LED screen on the stage. The host and Eason not only talked about the outstanding achievements in music, but also took the opportunity to share with you the cooperation with world music in the past few years. We all share a common goal: to create more beautiful music. The popular music family has long been very supportive of Eason. To celebrate this important update ceremony, delegates from around the world congratulated VCR and Eason on their renewals to create a better future.

Mr. Zhang Songhui, President and CEO of Global Music Greater China, presented Eason with the “Golden Recording Frame”. Eason’s album cover is printed on gold foil, highlighting the weight and commemorative value of each album.


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