Tifa Chen zitong’s New China Rap


In order to meet the expectations of the majority of music fans, the record company Universal Music and Tifa have also followed suit. The full version of HUSTLE officially launched, Chen Zier Firepower, will debut its own experience and become the new rap in the environmental state of struggle. . When talking about the original intention of HUSTLE, Chen Zikai said: In fact, many people have a certain understanding and framework for percussion music. At the beginning of writing, she hopes to devote her passion for rap to the song creation of this single, and does not want to use fixed restrictions and imitate rap music in public impressions. I hope that through my own creation, I can create my own “Chen Zitong” style. The just-released “HUSTLE” music platform list and the top three popular list, also popular with netizens on the short video website, 8 hours of soaring millions of click-through rates, leading Chen Zixin’s new music popular rap trend.
Tifa’s own struggle at HUSTLE was born in HUSTLE. She is deeply aware of the creation, the path she chooses, and she needs a lot of “necessity” to pave the way for achievement, and it requires a lot of effort, struggle and persistence of “necessity”. But she will face more “omnipotence” acceptance, compromise and change. Behind the success, there are always a lot of “must” to force everyone to move forward. This kind of emotion is very “struggling”, and it can be said that there are many “unremitting efforts.” Just like the two words in the song: “Idols are to be done, like the old Moutai; tastes are only worthy of brewing.” “Try to be proud of yourself. Only the test that can stand the test is the biggest work. sure”. These two songs best reflect the mood of Chen Zikai when he created this song.

For Chen Zikai, the new song HUSTLE not only subverted itself, but also changed her understanding of the past music creation style, but also the first attempt and challenge of the duet and singing style. In this first solo song and song creation, she fully demonstrated her unique creative talent, amazing! Unlike the recently released lyrical single “I am most proud of the people I love”, the new song “HUSTLE” can better reflect Chen Zikai’s diverse music writing style and amazing singing ability. Let us see a very multifaceted Chen Zikai.


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