Last weekend, “Chinese singing actress” Tanya chua flew to Macau and was invited to participate in the 22nd Annual China Awards Ceremony. She has won two major awards: “Asian Channel 5 Music Style Award” and “Asia’s Most Influential Female Singer”. After nearly three months of baking in Paris, she made her debut at the annual music event, which attracted strong attention from Asian media and music lovers. Earlier this year, Tanya “column” almunia Rebirth was reborn, Taipei concert was finally packaged, fans called 2018 to open a large-scale music feast “Chinese Music”, and announced in July last year to join Universal Music, tightly around music Fan YinLingErWang engraving “Treasure to give up one’s favor” Mini EP is also on a global scale, with a good reputation, top and top list! Many netizens refer to the EP “again” and “greed” two singles as “the heart of hitting the song”!On the day’s list, the Global Chinese Awards list, with a pure champagne dress, appeared on the red carpet Tanya, killing countless movies in an instant, and then in the performance, she took another set of bright black deep V dresses. Stunning debut, interpretation includes “blank”, “and”, “aphasia”, three singing classics, showing off the special charm of “Heaven” Chinese singing! Media and music fans expressed their support and affirmation to her singing, to 100% Passion and shouting. With his outstanding performance in the Chinese music industry, Tanya also won two important awards, “The Fifth Channel Asian Music Style Award” and “Asia’s most popular female singer”, and became the biggest award ceremony. One of the winners. To win her award, Tanya I am happy to say: “I just came back from France, where I spent three months living with flour and dough. In fact, returning to the big stage is still a bit uncomfortable, familiar and strange, but this feeling is very good, because returning to the stage to feel the love of everyone, not forgetting, this is also a warm reminder, telling yourself or the singer, still Love this stage! I am very happy to come back and win such a great award. Thank you! ”As a three-time hit song, he also won several nominations and won the songwriter. Tanya has been recognized as a “Chinese” singing for several days. Since the album “Aphasia” on the album, it has been more than two years since the reform. In her own pace, whether it is life, love or music, she tries to make everyone have the same business item by item. Early Tanya Tanya chua will share their absolute property, the new personal mini EP “cherish the abandonment of a person’s favor”, including her two classic works “to” and “and”. EP is the name of “cherish the benefits of giving up one person”. Tanya’s creation is a love she can hardly give up, but on the one hand, these songs from others borrowed the songs in this article, and the emotions are different, so she decided to choose someone else. Resurrection of vocal performances, this song gave him a new life. In the past three months of studying bread baking in Paris, Tanya not only shared her baking works on her personal social platform, but also shared her “delicious dessert life” in Paris from time to time, which makes many media I am curious that she is closer to her thoughts. In an interview with reporters in the background of the ceremony, Tanya said: “Baguchi” is more like music in music. It is simple and not complicated, but it takes a long time to be solid and tempered to make the simplest and basic food delicious!


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