Chen Haojun’s first Hollywood performance “Pacific Coast: Thunder and Reincarnation” is being exhibited around the world. The first large electric shock screen is very eye-catching! Taking advantage of this fierce momentum, Chen Yutong was invited to participate in the 25th Oriental Billboard Music Festival yesterday and won the “Oriental Newcomer Award”!

Last year, Chen Hao released five singles in a series of different styles and good reputation. Future R&B, electronic genre and instant Rap “don’t say”, alternative charm Chinese style “Guanyin Pavilion”, based on the unique Australian Hawaiian inspirational single “Future” future beats and sports, let us look at her music Huge potential.Chen Yutong’s bold attempt at different musical styles has earned her the “Oriental Newcomer Award” in this oriental billboard. Absolute music scenes are highly valued by newcomers! Chen Yutong, holding a trophy, delivered a speech: “I am very happy. Thank you very much for giving me this award. Thank you for your recognition. Thank you for your recognition of my music. Of course, I want to thank my record company. Universal Music Thank you for providing me with a very good platform, so that I have more opportunities to show myself, let more people hear my music, I will live up to expectations, continue to work hard and bring better music works!”


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