Guo Dinghou Youth Music Festival is fully open. “Still this male group, thank you!”


Yesterday, the “Post Youth Music Festival” came to a close at the Happy Valley Maya Water Park in Shenzhen. Power singer Guo Ding brings a wonderful stage on the stage! This is also the first live performance after he ended his personal tour in December last year.This is the time and place, and the same is true of Guo Ding and his band, and the enthusiasm he started from the heart through music release is still familiar.Guo Ding’s cry in the audience directly opened the “One Beauty”. One mouth is a chorus. The atmosphere at the scene is soaring and the fire is full! Later, Guo Ding performed “Before Landing”, “Cloud”, “Unknown Drop”, “Strange Things”, “Leave your jacket in the deep lane”, “Mercury”, “Secret”, “Every The eyes are just wilderness, 9 songs, the number of songs can be said to be equivalent to half a tour! Don’t delay the firepower to open. Even a gentle love song will not lose blood. Guo Ding believes that he is not good at communicating with others. Music is his best and most powerful expression. Whether it is a fanatical release or a tender emotional expression, it is a unique musical energy. As he said: “Music is the carrier of emotion, whether positive or negative, but it can resonate with the audience.”


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