The Beatles are the best-selling British rock band of all time and are widely regarded as the greatest, most influential and successful music artist in the history of pop music. Their album will be released in China on March 22.
On March 22, 55 years ago, the Beatles released their first official album, launching a legendary music tour. 55 years later, on March 22nd, the Beatles will officially release their best works in China, while on the local digital music platform, including the famous studio album Abbey Road, sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, a yellow poke song, made it a collection and collection of the Beatles from 1962 to 1966. The Beatles 1967-1970, 1 + and so on have a total of 28 classic tracks. In addition to the digital platform, Abbey Road will be released on March 22, and more classics will be released in China.Leading the Beatles for more than 50 years, the Beatles redefine the pop music and recording industry. They are the first Americans from the UK, fans from around the world struggle for the band, and the first in the baseball stadium The rock concert band, also the first world tour concert band, even made the word “Beatlemania” (Beatlemania) officially included in the dictionary. They led the wave of music culture invasion, causing a sensation around the world, since the 20th century Since the 1960s, the thoughts and music of countless rock and pop musicians have also been affected. As a cultural revolution in music, the band not only has a record sales record in the world, but also makes it difficult for future generations to reach. Their cultural influence has already surpassed the art itself. The Beatles became a symbol of British culture and British history.
After a long wait, the album of the Beatles was finally released in China. These classic music works will bring countless music fans and music fans back to the glorious moments of the Beatles in the last century, and feel the unique charm of this art treasure in the world. In the music culture.


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