Gin Lee has a new title “jian Lee”, not only because she can sing, but also because she always gives people a “very strong” feeling! Juniper said: “The new “jian Lee” makes people more personalized. This makes them more familiar with me and closer to each other.”This year’s top song “Difficult”, Gin chose to sing a painful, painful song. In a relationship, if a girl shows too much power, she will gradually ignore her love and even forget to care for her. Gin reminds itself that weaknesses can be tolerated in relationships. Only when strengths and weaknesses are properly handled can she let the other party see her weaknesses and grow and experience together.

Sisong and Gin Lee appear in the video, saying “powerful power.” Although the weather was cold and outdoor shooting, the first collaboration of the three actors was still tacitly coordinated, allowing the MV shooting to be completed smoothly. Gin has a lot of crying scenes in the MV, which really tests her performance skills. Juniper shared: ‘I hide and brew emotions before shooting, and cry immediately when I start. I can’t help it! “People are also surprised that the original “Strong Lee” has just been soft outside, and even the director praised that the Juniper can sing and perform, very professional.




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