The prowler has a sneaky detail that solves the last desperate plot hole


Those who follow the Star Wars cosmic technological advance may be shocked to see the first order adopt a strategy in the “last jedi”. One of the movie’s main plot points is to track the resistance through the starry sky around the first stage, an action that has never been seen in the “Star Wars” movie. (what? ! I’ve never read about the popular galactic machinery!
But this technology is not randomly thrown into the “Star Wars” universe by “last jedi” writer and director Rian Johnson, which may actually make nerds angry. In fact, it turns out that the ability to track through hyperspace was originally developed by the empire, as seen in this brief moment in “rogue one: the story of Star Wars”. When Jyn is browsing the empire’s data file, she met a man called “super space Tracking navigation system” (Hyperspace Tracking Navigational Systems).

Hidalgo also explains that the hyperspace follows the secret imperial think tank Tarkin Initiative. Then he said: “if there’s nothing on the surface that can push the plot, try to see what it might be doing.”
This may actually imply that other Easter eggs or plot points may be hidden in the main legendary “Star Wars” films. Maybe it’s time to go back to the Rogue One. Or better yet, watch out for anything in the upcoming young Korean solo film. Perhaps Donald Glover’s young, Lando, would think of the classic “Star Wars” role in the new trilogy.


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