Stefanie Sun performed a new concert with fans from all over the world and sang many of her new albums.


After three years of interruption, Stefanie released her new album “Sun Yanzi” No. 13: Dancing Van Gogh. Since her debut, as her 13th solo album, after the release of the main digital platform of QQ Music, kugou music, Kumi Music and other Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Stefanie has won great welcome from music lovers all over the world. In return for the enthusiastic support of fans, Universal Music Group Music Group and Tencent Music Entertainment Group held Stefanie’s “No. 13 Works: Dancing Fanko New Concert” in Shanghai on January 27th, inviting Stefanie to communicate with nearly 1,000 fans. And share the details behind the new song.

“Stefanie sun NO.13: Dance Van Gogh” has attracted a lot of attention from the industry since its release, and has attracted many positive comments. Fans are eager to experience Stephanie’s new song on the spot. This singing and conversation can be said to satisfy the wishes of all music fans! In the evening, Yanzi started with the charm of her new album “dance van gogh”, followed by her touching single “superhuman”. As for the album of the same name, Yanzi was pleased to share: “When I received this demo in 2014, I decided to become the title song. No matter how many good songs I received later, I didn’t change my mind. Many images were born in the early morning demo: Strong color space, mysterious story arcs, for myself, these are the first time to encounter a crazy world of songs in architecture, or rather, she heard this song in the early days, already planted Under the crazy seeds.”

On the day of the concert, Stefanie Sun sang a number of new albums to give back to her fans who have been unconditionally supporting her. The singing and talking sessions were held in the warm atmosphere of the chorus. The blind man could not hide her excitement on the stage. In addition to the new songs of the idol scorpion on the spot, this event is an interactive part for everyone to surprise. The lucky fans of the random Tencent Music Entertainment Group can also stage the swallows and dances. “Sun Yanzi #13: Vincent van gogh” In the first game, when I was playing single-player cards, I painted “Swallow” self-portraits. “I am very happy.” I waited for the interaction. The audience cheered on the stage. The fans said: You can sing a new song with the swallow and interact with her. This is enough!


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