January 21 is the birthday of AGA Jiang Haijia. Before her birthday (January 19th), AGA Jianghaijia Concert “AGA Night” was successfully held in Guangzhou Station. This is the first time AGA (Jiang Haijia) sang in the mainland. My good friend Gin, Lee, and Li Xingni are guests. AGA’s parents even flew to Guangzhou to cheer up their daughters. There are a lot of seats in the concert, and there are some “fried” ox outside the concert. Ticket prices are twice as large. When AGA held its first concert in Guangzhou, it was amazed that music lovers were so popular.That night, AGA played on the piano and sang “Hello” and opened the concert. Then Superman, Circle and Hello, step by step to bring fans into the AGA night. AGA greeted the music lovers in Guangzhou. Li Qinni and the two sang the “one-of-a-kind” and “one plus one” duet, which instantly ignited the atmosphere. “Everyone meets different people at different times,” AGA said on the stage. I am very happy that I met Gin two years ago and have worked with him twice. I am very grateful to have such like-minded friends on the music road. “The juniper sang “the man under the moon” and “say goodbye every day.”


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