Today, President Tan Ronglin held a press conference at the Yangcheng Creative Industry Park in Guangzhou, announcing the launch of his “Guangdong Song 50th Anniversary Project”. In order to encourage the younger generation to participate in the creation of Cantonese songs and inherit the Cantonese song culture, President Tan invited young musicians to sing and record them in the 2018 new leaflet Guangdong album.

Cantonese songs are very popular and have lived with us for half a century. At the same time, Guangdong song culture is moving towards a new turning point. Tan Yonglin, the principal of one of the leading figures in the music industry in Guangdong, was inspired to create this project for the 50th anniversary of Cantonese songs. President Tan Ronglun and famous Hong Kong musicians Mr. Xue Xue, Mr. Lin Minfu, Mr. Yan Laihang, Mr. Zeng Guomin, Mr. Zeng Jiaming, Mr. Kan Ka-ming will serve as a jury to invite you to sing. Your work will have the opportunity to be included in the new solo album released by Principal Alan Tam in 2018. Tan hopes to take this opportunity to encourage the younger generation to invest in Guangdong songwriting, inherit the Cantonese song culture, and achieve the next brilliant milestone.

At the press conference, the famous Hong Kong lyricists Xiang Xueyan and Lin Shuhao shared the origin of the Cantonese song and its 50-year history. Principal Tan invited all the judges to attend and announce the plan and details of the event. Mr. Kenneth Wongg, Managing Director of General Music Hong Kong in Greater China, and Gary ng, Managing Director of General Music China in Greater China, presented a hammer to Mr. Tan Ronglun, President of Greater China. The three men immediately prepared to launch the “Guangdong Song 50th Anniversary Plan” ceremony, jointly shooting buttons; the lights on the LED screen lit up, then according to Mr. Tan’s classic songs and lyrics, and the co-organizer ViuTV’s director and general manager Mr. Lu Tinghui Representative, Miss Xu Kaishan MOOV Director, Guangdong Radio and Television Deputy Editor-in-Chief Tan Tianxuan Yang Cheng Evening News News Group Management Committee and Coke Life Representative Mr. Hu Quan, Secretary General of the Communist Youth League, Yangcheng Evening News News Group and representative Mr. Yan Xiuyan’s platform And coke activities, life director, Lichee director Zhu Guozheng invited them to come to Tan Jiaochang’s “card lyrics” brick “50” melody, representing the 50th anniversary of Cantonese songs, thoughtful design symbolizes the expansion of the Guangdong song field to the whole country All over the place.


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