A simple agreement at the time was finally buried in the depths of the darkness. Maybe not love, but it will eventually become an immortal romance.
Last year, AGA (Jiang Haijia) achieved good results at various awards ceremony at 3 am. In 2018, AGA first launched the heartbreaking new work “Life” written by AGA and written by Lin Ruining. The “African continent” weaves a seemingly dull but unforgettable story. The lyrics are especially integrated into Wang’s famous works ” Engagement” and “Dark Tide”, just like the untimely death of this love, and more film soundtracks. AGA said: ‘Write this song is about winter, this is the most romantic song I have ever done. I hope you like my first song of the year!In order to cope with the romantic feelings of winter, the film “Life” MV chose to go to Hokkaido in Japan in the cold December. The experience makes AGA very memorable. The shooting took place in a snow and ice world from dawn to dusk for four days, testing the energy of the AGA. In order to shoot outdoors during the day, AGA gets up at 4am every day to comb her hair and make up, shooting more than 12 hours a day, which makes her tired.When shooting in the snow, AGA and the production team fell into a blizzard. The snow on the height of their calves makes it difficult for them to walk. In the snow of minus 10c, AGA braved the cold, wearing a red shirtless evening gown and said, “I really went. I put on this naked upper dress, my body is warm, my back is very cold. So that I feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, the effect is very beautiful, it matches the romantic feeling that the new song “Continent” wants to bring, so it is worth freezing.”


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