Don Quixote performed by la scala ballet. Sponsor’s map

The ballet “Don Quixote” performed by the Don Scala Ballet landed in Xi’an on Wednesday night.

In the evening, the first Xi’an International Dance Festival opened, and the Italian opera “Lascara Ballet” premiered in Xi’an. Don Quixote performed by la scala ballet. Sponsor’s map

The Scala Opera Ballet has a history of more than 200 years and is known as the “Best Representative of the Italian Ballet School”. In recent years, the Lascara Ballet has begun to “go out” for more performances, appearing at the Paris Opera, the Bolshoi Theatre, the St. Peter Marinsky Theatre and other performances throughout the United States, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Spain. , Mexico, China and other countries.The ballet “Don Quixote” consists of “Barcelona Square”, “Gypsies Camp” and “dulcinea Garden”. In addition to retaining the knight style and Spanish style of the original work, the play also highlights the romantic love between the owner’s daughter Kitty and the poor barber of the same village. Pas DE deux was the climax of the night and it was warm and cheerful.


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