Yesterday, in cooperation with Universal Music FWD MAX life experience platform, brings “Live in the Moment” experience for Gin Lee, and its “Live in the Moment” gallery experience and Gin Lee “Live in the Moment Concert” was held lighting ceremony.Falling (Gin Lee) in Hong Kong on Friday launched a new Cantonese album “Live in the Moment”, in order to share further “living in the moment” with the concept of music fans, Gin yesterday set up a special “Live in the Moment”. A moment of “experience, let the public know about Gin’s idea of ??the latest album “Live in the Moment”, more to listen to new songs! Eight new songs from “One-Time Life”, each capital is the creation of gin’s own, representative Her inner voice and encourage city residents to enjoy the moment.Gin “Live in the Moment” Experience Gallery located FWD Passion Lab. Gin said: “The FWD Passion Lab is a very special place. This time, you can learn about the concept of my latest album “Live in the Moment” and listen to the entire album live. I like this idea, I am looking forward to October. Concert on the 6th. The theme of the album is always to enjoy every moment, so I look forward to living with fans through live music!”


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