Fashion trend master Wu Yufei sets a compelling mainland tour element


Last weekend, Kerry, who had left the stage for many years, held her first stop of the “Come With Me Concert Tour” at the Changan Stadium in Dongguan. Cary gave his best performance to a house full of people.

In order to do his best in the concert, Kary has been training for boxing hell for more than a month, and the results are not disappointing. At the same time, fashion trend expert Kary is also wearing eye-catching elements such as style, low chest, long legs and back. Kary took the Gucci fall and winter fashion show onto the stage, his body covered with shiny crystals, showing Kary’s beautiful figure. “Have you noticed my abs? I practiced very hard! I train every morning this month, not only for this concert, but also for my hard work.”On the stage, Kary dances and plays sexy waists from time to time, in addition to performing “Come With Me”, “ruthless”, “嫉妒” and other fast-paced songs, as well as “repentance”, “people” is not a plant “,” I I “break the malicious” and other familiar love songs. Fans who play guitar and sing “20th Century Boys” prefer it. Kary shared his recent changes: “I spent a whole year last year. This gives me the opportunity to rediscover myself and discover a lot of things to cherish. I am very happy to hold this concert today! “When I sang “God is ready”, my eyes filled with tears, and I swallowed for a while, and the scene was very moving.


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