Chinese female singer Tanya Chua announced her participation in Universal Music in Beijing yesterday (July 18). On the same day, there were more than 100 media participants in Beijing. Senior representatives from all regions of Universal Music and Music participated in this annual event with all media and guests. At the signing press conference, Tanya chua opened her entire air and took the wonderful performance of “Chinese singing heroine”. Under the witness and blessing of all guests and music partners, a grand signing ceremony was held to establish a new music layout through Universal Music.Since her debut, Tanya chua’s influence in the Chinese music industry has been unstoppable. With her unique musical style and singing talent, she became the “Chinese singer” in music fans. She has been nominated for the best female singer in the “Taiwan Golden Melody Award” and won the championship three times, becoming the first Chinese female singer to win the Queen’s three times. . Since 1997, he has entered the music industry and won numerous music awards, leading the influence of the Chinese music industry. It is worth mentioning that before Tanya signed the contract with Universal Polygram, he entered the Chinese music industry as a newcomer and launched his first Chinese music CD and achieved gratifying results. This decision returned to Universal Music. The family started a new era of music and also enjoyed her music from Universal Music. At the Asian press conference, Tanya could not hide her excitement. In addition to thanking the support and love of universal music, she also called on music lovers to look forward to her new work after joining the new record company.Tanya Tanya chua joined Universal Music, and the record company attaches great importance to the top management. In addition to the concert, Mr. Zhang Yuhui, President and CEO of Universal Music Universal Music, and Tanya held a signing ceremony together with Yvonne Yuen, Senior Vice President of Global Music Southeast Asia Market, Planning Department. Managing Director of Greater China, Global Managing Director Ye Meijun, Managing Director of Taiwan Hong Kong, Global Duncan Managing Director and other senior leaders attended. The Global Register signed and released its first solo album earlier. It was completed by Mr. Zhang Yuhui, President and CEO of General Music in Greater China, at the signing ceremony. Yesterday’s press conference, the signing ceremony was reproduced on the scene. Niya expressed her gratitude to Universal Music for giving itself the opportunity to “Music Dream” from the beginning. Zhang Songhui represents the record company’s global music music, representing traditional wedding signing, representing the desire and expectation of “red head” as a wedding gift, “Yingfeng homing” welcomes “Chinese singing heroine” Tanya chua “return to the world. Zhang Songhui said: I hope Tanya Ability to write a new chapter in personal music and bring more quality music with music.

At the Asian press conference, Universal Music reviewed the music path of Tanya through live video recorders, and media guests and fans watched the live broadcast online. Since his debut in 1997, Tanya has won numerous awards and accolades, and even broke the record, becoming the first Chinese female singer to win the Golden Melody Award three times. Tanya’s creative talents are favored by many Chinese musicians. Wang Fei, Na Ying, Zhang Huimei, Eason Chan, Stefanie Sun, and many other music kings and heroines have created many classic works and won the “Best Album” title. “In order to congratulate Tanya on signing music, Tan Ronglin, Na Ying, eason chan, stefania sun, Pu Shu, Guo Ding circle friends also sent VCR at the press conference, looking forward to the new owner’s escort, Tanya can inject more surprise music The energy of the industry! The recently released movie “Wukong Legend” episode “Purple” was also created by Tan Ya and Guo Ding. The touching lyrics interpret many netizens and the like with sadness, and the premiere is on the top of the list. Location! It is reported that after signing the press conference (July 20th), Tanya will also be invited to participate in the first “recording industry committee awards ceremony” as an important moderator, please pay attention!


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