If you look up, you will see the stars in the sky. Sometimes foreign children are envious, as long as they run outside the small garden at night, lie down and put the stars in the sky into the field of vision. And put together these stars, each star, in the dark, trying to shine, like the world to send warmth.When it comes to warmth, I can’t help but mention the recent duet “Sparkling Star” composed of zhong zhentao (brother B) and his daughter zhong yi, including the upcoming Hifi album “A Better Bee” from Brother B. “Twinkle, twinkle” is significant for Brother B, because this is his first song since he left the winner. I sang this song with my daughter this year, adding another layer of emotion. When her daughter started to sing, Brother B praised her performance: “Her singing skills are not only amateurs, but also professionals. She only spent a few hours recording this song in the studio, she Never used up time.” Even the record producer, Joseph Ip, praised his daughter for singing, and believes that we will hear the sweet voice of the child’s voice, and the heart will melt immediately.A few days ago, my father and daughter filmed the MV “Sparkling Stars” at Pui o on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The camper was covered with pictures of Brother B and his daughter; the father and daughter were away from the troubles, sitting on the roof and enjoying the night sky with the tranquil bay, feeling the world of two people between the father and the daughter; grilling them with a barbecue fork It seems to be baking the feelings between father and daughter. Zhong Yi was impressed with the film because it was her first time to shoot MV with her brother B. Zhong Yi is a lively and active girl who always shows her lovely side in front of the camera, teasing her father and letting Brother B do nothing to her. Look at the interaction of Brother B and daughter in the MV, just like seeing two stars, flashing, flashing, very sweet!


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