Recently, Liu Meijun held the “Liu Meijun Kama Chameleon Thousand Colors” conference and announced that he will re-enter the stage of Hong Kong’s Hung Hom Stadium from October 14 to 15. The video recorder also expressed heartfelt blessings to a group of powerful singers, including Lin Yinlian, Tan Ronglin, Chen Hao, Chen Huizhen, Chen Zhentao and Zeng Zhiwei.Looking at the outside for nine years, Liu Meijun once again walked into the red house and decided to be very careful. “In the past nine years, I have been rejecting many musicals and dramas because I always wanted to do something different,” Liu said. I don’t want to say that this is a concert, because I always say that they all say they are doing a concert, but no one is performing, so I said that they are not concerts. But for me, because I like to perform and sing, I want to integrate these two elements into a show. “




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