Zhong Zhenduo MV continues to lead the “love of seven days of love”


Zhong Zhentao (B brother) has been singing many classic songs since the 1980s. The film repertoire and his own works are very popular among music fans, which left a deep impression on them. In the past, Brother B often imagined that if he could sing again after recording, it would be better, so he had a chance to do better and make up for his shortcomings. As time goes by, B’s life experience has gradually matured, and many views are different from the past, so this time I will find his growth from the new explanation, feel his experience and drip.Brother B is about to release Hifi album A Better Bee. He has carefully selected a series of personal classic songs and rearranged them in a new interpretation to bring different musical styles. A few days ago, B brother B held an audition for A Better Bee for zang zhentao.The audience of the audio-visual conference premiered <a feeling> and <if there was a reservation> two MVs, which was a continuation of the film’s “sense of seven days of form”. The audience took the lead in admiring B’s brother and the film’s “Falling Seven-Day Feelings” actress Ye Hao’s wonderful performance. In the MV, Brother B once again plays the role of Senior Security Director. After decades, they meet in the mall and re-establish relationships. Then, Brother B and album producers Joseph Ip (Joseph Ip) and Hifi DE (liu virtuous) shared the “Red Leaf Tilt when the mind is lonely” and “Let All Winds” two pieces of music, the song refreshed after the new arrangement. Brought to the audience with on-site quality B&W audio equipment, Hifi is an industry professional.


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