One more! One more!


One more! One more!

Slipping back into the wild is usually a painless process; The energetic moments will never be far away, and the peaceful scenery will always keep the treasure and the fierce fighting between the charming time. There are so many things vying for your attention, it’s fair to say that the game doesn’t need to be expanded. But as the master trial version of DLC showed earlier this year, there are plenty of chapters in the history of the country that have not been discovered.

For the final scene of the game, Link’s old Allies (Revali, Daruk, Mipha and Urbosa) have won the title. As a result of we are already familiar with the whole story is affected, but the subsequent tasks and new equipment has done a lot of hard work, provides a dozen new stage, in a more interesting way to test the ability to solve the problem. It’s exciting for them to go back to Hyrule alone.

Including a large part of the new journey into the champion’s footsteps, repeat altitude fall before acting, loose the long forgotten memories – but you must first prove that you are worthy of this opportunity. When you go back to the resurrection room, you’ll get a weapon called “a hit” from the cave that wakes up from his 100 years of sleep. As the name suggests, this short-range weapon allows you to kill an enemy by striking it. But as your health decreases to a quarter of your heart, you are also more vulnerable than ever.

Similar to what you feel when you’re dealing with the Eventide island or sword trial, the threat of death when using Obliterator is stressful and takes time to adapt to such a fragile warrior. You may have gotten rid of the occasional bee sting, but these little stories teach you to think twice about every move in the “song of the champions” phase. Unfortunately, this is a great setting, and it’s over prematurely. After removing the shrine of four small enemy camps and failures, the weapon returns to the resurrection chamber of the “performing duties”. Even with all of the DLC’s offerings, the weapons still can’t be used, and it feels like a missed opportunity.

As this stage of the new journey is completed, you are sent to the four corners of haier, a beautifying treasure hunter. The accordion player Kass gives you some songs that hint at your goal, but not a complete list of the steps involved. Adding to this mystery is a visual reminder of the specific parts of Hyrule, but these images are limited, forcing you to find your destination on the map.

In a very pleasant way, the goals set for you take full advantage of the myriad mechanisms of “wild interest”. Ski challenge, you will face in the limited time you have to through the ring, hunting for haier’s elusive dragon, and to attract the banana hobby, hayes, and other test your ability to range of tasks. For each task you have completed, a new temple has been built from the surface of the ground.

The champion’s temple forces you to think and think critically. They usually involve a lot of moving parts, away from combat bias and solving puzzles. Living in the home game to leave the temple’s already far away, back to these creative challenges, let you back to the gas of the “wild” this new mysterious things, an experience full of surprise.

Once you have completed a set of three niches, you can dig up the memories of the champions. You don’t have a chance to direct control of Hyrule famous defender, but as the Link, you redesign the fight against Ganon four combat – these four boss is your Divine in every game last fighting Beast dungeon. The difference this time is that you can only choose a small amount of equipment according to the battles each champion will fight. Oddly enough, you can still get the power of the past champion spirit, which gives you an incredible advantage, and some of the battles that are hard to fight against. You can always turn those powers off, but consider exploring other people’s memories,

The direct reward of beating each injury is the ability to restore the ability to champion in a shorter time frame and to create a new one for each champion. Everyone will recall the time they had been recruited to join zelda’s anti-cannon team in the past 100 years. These episodes are more interesting than serious, which is somewhat disappointing given the seriousness of the disaster they have suffered.

Fortunately, once you have solved the task of every champion, a bigger, better reward waiting for you to: a new god beast dungeon, completed a completely surprising the boss fight. As with other gods and beasts, the last stop requires you to manipulate the entire structure to rotate the main parts in this way and solve four puzzles in the final area. This is another reminder of how smart it is to be in a wild, untraditional dungeon. Although the shrine will require you to solve by the compact equipment and easy to imagine of the constraints of the problem, finally god beast, such as before god beast range is hard to surround your head much, it is how complex solution.

For your efforts, the parting gift is an incredible complement to the legend of zelda: the old motorbike. If not logically, Link’s new bike would be a unicorn if it didn’t logically enter the wild, mysterious tapestry atmosphere. On the one hand, a bike is ready to make your horse look dull. On the other hand, running through Hyrule on a motorcycle is as ridiculous as it sounds. It can even replace an interesting snowboard on a snow-covered hill, which helps speed up when you slide down a hill and look for a ramp to catch some air. The only real disappointment is that if you’re already on the road, you can’t summon a motorcycle in the desert or travel there. Try the latter, and the invisible wall prevents you from moving on as if you were trying to get in on horseback.

Who know whether nintendo will continue to bring us amazing new breath of “wilderness”, but given the title song is likely to be “the legend of zelda” this chapter of the last world, it is a bittersweet farewell. There are a lot of wonderful tasks and beautiful moments that make revisiting the past of hai rui feel like I’m reliving my memories, when “wild breathing” was really new and surprising. Nintendo certainly can extend certain aspects of the title song, such as allowing you to use Obliterator at any time to get you onto your new motorcycle on the dune, but these are all a big flaw. .


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