Recently, brother Zhong Zhentao has made a lot of plans and took the time to shoot a series of short film online drama “Head B”, and in “Head D” reproduce the classic scene of “I want to buy GTR”. In addition, Brother B also plans to release the Hifi album “A Better Bee” in the second half of this year. Brother B carefully selected a series of personal classic songs and rearranged them in new ways to present them in a new look. The first work includes “a piece of love”, “when my heart is lonely, the red leaves fall” and “love changes” to meet the fans’ three wishes!
This short play was shot in the garage, Brother B as a taxi driver, Brother B’s multiple shots were “shooting” completed, plus his “evil food” eyes, let the field staff praise him, all by his acting school Fascinated. The shower during the shooting increased the difficulty, but Brother B was still tireless and professional during the whole process! Brother B said: “It is very interesting to shoot the classic scene of title D again, and there are still many memories. Looking forward to the second episode of title D!”The actress AGA Jiang Yan played the opposite brother B. AGA plays a drunk girl with a striking hangover makeup, saying: “This is the first time I played a drunk girl. Thanks brother B The guide, he helped me quickly enter this role. This is a very good experience. The whole shooting is very enjoyable, which makes AGA benefit a lot!


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