Wu Yufei returns to the new MV Deep V perspective play SAO Fit explosion map


Kary, a new generation of independent women, has entered the different stages of her life this year. Feat. AF brought surprises to her fans, “Come with me.”Two years after the absence of the new music channel, Kary said to fans on social media earlier this year: “I will definitely release new songs in 2017. I will definitely hold a concert.” Over the years, Kary has heard a lot. Demonstration, until “Follow me” (Feat.AF) has a stinging – a feat that suits her status quo.No matter how complicated and chaotic the world is, Kary wants to be free to go anywhere he likes. One of the lyrics “Give up the future and hold on for a moment” is the best way to represent Kary’s current state of mind and hope to enjoy the journey with everyone. “It’s weird when you haven’t entered the studio for two years,” Kary admitted. “But the more you sing, the more you feel.Although this is the first collaboration between Kary and executive producer Alex Fung, the two have a good understanding. Alex Fung, in addition to being a producer and featuring MVs and songs. On that day, Kerry replaced three sets of battle suits, including the deep V and perspective suits, which caused a lot of attention and made him fit to show off his body! To complement this brisk song, Kary participated in a dance performance and performed on a music video. Although Kary has not lined up for a long time, she can handle Muay Thai and walk. In the MV, she showed her sexy and fashionable attitude. Even her good partner Alex Fung praised her fashion and cool beauty.


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