Robynn&Kendy’s new video Shout n’Cry


Robynn & Kendy recently released a new song called Shout n’Cry, which is the result of a long struggle for the couple.
When you are entangled in negative emotions, you want to vent a lot, but you can’t find a channel; when you are depressed, when you lose love, when you feel pressure, when you are misunderstood or looked down… when we or around us Friends are frustrated, not comforting them not to cry or cry, we should let them out, crying and shouting can be more therapeutic, negative emotions can be released by shouting and crying.“Shout n’Cry” consists of R&K and t-ma, and the lyrics are added by Lin Bao. R&K and T-ma joined forces again after the “negative photography stone”. Everyone has the same mentality to break the inherent mode and inject some new elements into R&K music, let us feel different levels of music. The new song adds a rhythmic STOMP percussion force, hoping to let us swing with R&K. With the concept of STOMP percussion performance, today’s MV is born.This MV vision is very rich, making full use of R&K, R&K and dance artists’ color paints together with crazy percussion, in a way that creates different music. The large powder during the MV shooting made R&K a “powder man”. The process of continuous makeup and makeup finally took three hours to remove makeup cleansing, and R&K hoped to bring out the color layer of music.


MV through preparations, looking for a team, looking for scenes, looking for props, story plots, script scripts, R&K two people are very hard, making the finished product fresh and fresh: “The preparation of music and the MV part itself took a lot of effort, this process I encountered different obstacles. Fortunately, all the friends helped me to complete the success. “R&K also thanked Qi Yang for his performance in the MV. After listening to R&K, she realized the mood of this song. She quickly understood and played it. Fully show the theme of the song, definitely called “God-level acting”!


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